An energetic and motivational course to set participants on the right path to working in a sustainable role where they value themselves, deal with responsibility and take control of their lives.  We implant the belief and courage to succeed by examining individual perceptions and motivators towards joining the work force.  Designed for young adults currently not in education, employment or training, this programme gives participants an opportunity to explore a new way of thinking and making positive choices required to navigate their way into the rat race.  The course is suitable for all learning styles with an emphasis on attitude to work, with confidence building, motivation, coaching, self esteem and becoming more socially and economically aware high on the agenda. “RatNav” ultimately aims to eradicate the uncertainty attached in making the transition from school and/or college into work. 



To transition participants from non-activity to taking positive steps towards their future career.  We engage young adults using alternative forms of learning and multi-media to highlight social responsibility and the importance in contributing to society by being economically active.  We enable participants to make more informed choices in what their next move should be ensuring sustainable outcomes. 



 Confidence, Motivation, Change Management, Understanding Choices, Future Direction, Goals, Drive and Determination to Succeed, Leadership Skills, Responsible and Positive Influencing, Self Belief and Self Esteem


Upon completion, participants will be able to understand choices, perceptions and the strength of influence and be courageous in future endeavours to succeed and motivate others to do the same.