Time. Effort. Money.  Everything is about the ‘Bottom Line’.



We all love making the effort to go out and eat at expensive and lavish restaurants with top Chefs behind the menus, but wouldn’t it be great if Gordon Ramsay could just pop round to the house and cook for us sometimes?!?!?


We do just that!  We cook for you. 




Nothing ignites the passion in your staff and their commitment to your organisation more than investing in their development.

At Developing Nation our success depends on yours.  Our staff are Internationally trained by world renowned Master Trainers and are experienced power brokers.


Our team will assist you in preparing a menu of programmes to enhance staff communication, productivity, morale and performance that strengthens your team and propels your business forward.

We deliver anywhere in the UK from SME’s to large multi-national corporations with the express intention of meeting your development needs right time, first time.


What’s your business hungry for?



Motivating Staff – When you have an understanding of why a person comes to work then you have the key to their motivation. Teaching how to inspire every employee on a personal level to excel making their success your success.


Team Building – Learning how to build a team that not only work well together but creates an environment of success by utilizing the strengths of each individual and circumstance.


Sell Yourself - Inspiring and stimulating journey on the path to making ‘you’ the hottest commodity on the market.


Corporate Communication - Whether you’re in the boardroom or the breakroom, learning how and when to say the right thing to the right person at the right time.


Complete Processing – Bringing ideas and conflicts to a positive conclusion.


Office Politics – Staying on top of the game.


Are You P.O.O.R. (Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly) – Whether you are afraid of winning or losing, we explore the root cause of disastrous decision making and refusal to turn the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.


Win Win Sales – Creating your success formula for wining every time and creating success in transparent negotiations.


New Kid On The Block (Management Training For New Managers) – Leadership is contagious, resist the urge to be average and step–up to the opportunity to lead.  Explores pit-falls, courage and confidence.


Self Awareness - Providing the tools to achieving clarity about who you are and what you really want (and why you want it), and empowering you to consciously and actively make those wants a reality.


Bore or Roar (Presentation/Facilitation Skills) – Taking presentation and facilitation skills to a new level. The most productive way to teach or train is to engage your audience, let us show you the tools and give you the confidence to do just that!


Project Management – Run your project like a well oiled machine with great tools for responsibility, time management and avoiding the ‘blame culture’.


Middle Man (Negotiations/Mediations) – Learn how to bring conflict resolution to conclusion


Telling It Like It I.S. Is (Report Writing) – Writing clear, concise, informative and interesting reports that are easily understood and designed to create and stimulate action.


Dynamic Delivery Skills – Taking platform and presentation skills to a new high with the introduction of new tools and trainer games to engage your group whilst confidently performing and body language.


Wow Being – A complete programme addressing the culture, environment and staff motivation to creating a fantastic office environment


Word Power – Not just the art of communication but the power and control of words and how they have long lasting effects.


Office Affairs (Transactional Analysis)- An in-depth look at employee behaviour in your organisation and communication between senior management and staff addressing behaviors, emotions and intentions.


Time is Money – Exploring time and time management and what it means to you, your staff and your organization


Dealing with Difficult People – Conflict management and dealing with difficult people either as customers or colleagues!


On the Job Development Training – Improving your job by doing your job.


Culture Club – Understanding the culture of your organisation and breaking down any barriers the team have to working and producing as an entity.