We present corporate level training to the social inclusion market in an effort to see everyone afforded the opportunity to ignite their potential, value their worth and banish limiting beliefs.


Our bespoke development programmes have been designed following years of International research gathered by our team.  From their own experience, and findings from partner organisations, we have devised a range of training solutions to assist groups of unemployed adults, young adults leaving further education and school leavers. 



Our years of research into the areas of directive training and social inclusion, coupled with the governments aims to eradicate child poverty and make our society more inclusive, has enabled us to create modules and programmes designed specifically to produce transformational results for our participants.  We cover every aspect of development engaging participants in training that is fun, creative and tailored to suit the learning needs and styles of each group.





A highly interactive and creative programme designed to work with adults considering change.  The training helps regain focus and direction for the participants whilst building confidence, motivation and self esteem.  Bursting with new tools to make the learning process as fun and entertaining as possible to ensure memorable and sustainable learning.






RAT NAV – Careers Guidance System for School and College leavers

Structured for school and college graduates who are ready to make the transition from education into higher education or onto an exciting career path.  We assess individual strengths, likes, weaknesses, motivators and possibilities while building confidence, belief and the courage to follow the path that they believe will truly work for them!    










A thorough journey of self exploration and goal visioning for current users, or past users/abusers of drugs or alcohol.  Designed to help those who want to, or have the desire to change, helping to bend reality back towards the participants pre-addiction perspective before exploring motivation, development and change management techniques to sustain post addiction success.






CHECKMATE: What’s Your Next Move? – Homelessness

Designed to focus on the future, possibilities, values and self worth, this programme heightens self esteem and motivation using past experiences positively and turning breakdowns into breakthroughs ‘Checkmate’ will deliver that extra motivation to get up and make long lasting and positive choices about your next ‘move’.









This programme is for clients who live with a wide range of physical and mental challenges. Designed to motivate individuals and/or their carers to work together, set goals, and bring out their determination to succeed.  Specifically to empower people with disabilities, from blindness to Epilepsy, and put into place the tools they need to reach their goals.







Specifically designed for single parents who want to enter or re-enter the job market.  We explore the challenging nature of their lives, the skills they have and how to apply them to their CV’s.  A fabulous course of self esteem building, goal visioning, custom coaching and ultimately unleashing the single parents potential while being everything to everyone at home. 









A sensational workshop developed to re-ignite the spark and thrill of working in a helping role and bring back the ‘out of bed bounce’. While enhancing and improving performance and motivation at work. Wow-Being at work is tailored upon consultation to ensure your organisations specific needs and outcomes are identified, and more importantly, reached in the training









Are you ready for change?  Do you want the help and support and last hand up onto the platform you’ve been trying to reach?  Then this is the programme for you!  Packed full of motivational tools to last a lifetime, with individual, one on one coaching to ensure you are more ready than you ever thought possible for the road to success!










Designed for those who are dealing with mild to moderate mental health symptoms; We help with developing  pragmatic solutions to problems, getting life back on track, and encouraging  planning to accomplish goals and providing the right tools to put them into action.









Geared towards ex-offenders, we’re taking development back to the very basics, exploring triggers and personal circumstance, removing the ‘old furniture’ of the mind before bringing in the new.