Cynthia Holden, the company’s co-founder is highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about developing people to their full potential. Her philosophy is that everyone can have what they desire if they are committed to working for it.

Cynthia received her degree from the University of South Florida and worked as a Training Specialist before moving to Italy to live and work. She has had roles in hotel and restaurant management, manufacturing line management, direct marketing, learning and development, consultancy, and as a coach.


She has unique knowledge and experience of integrating education, personal philosophy and real life experiences into personal development which enables her to bring a new perspective on designing training solutions that fit with the people, culture and opportunities of the different organizations.


Having worked for 30 years, in training, sales, customer service and management roles, Cynthia has a special interest in personal development and her approach is highly interactive, fun and challenging.


Cynthia is an incredibly enthusiastic, positive and inspirational Coach/Trainer with a long track record of producing hard, quantifiable results in the real world. Above all, a motivator of people, an outstanding communicator, brilliant with customers, she is commercially astute in spotting and developing opportunities others miss.


Highly creative, inventive and innovative, she is extremely conscientious, tenacious, decisive and persistent with a very strong code of personal ethics in her behaviour. Cynthia has both public and private sector experience and has worked across a wide range of industry sectors in the UK, Europe and America.


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